We have many years of work in the custom enamel badges market.

This innovative superpower custom enamel badges is by itself a provider of badges in England, even in the joy of advertising as well as souvenir presents. For example, 80% of our own production is targeted in high-quality metal or stainless steel pins, the others differs from other lapel pins components such as plastic and liquid plastic resin mix; We carry out the manufacturing process and ultramodern innovations including stamping, gravure and other complex surface area treatments such as galvanization and the use of varnish to the surface.

Our capabilities allow us to carry out in our existence any wish of our consumers regarding custom enamel badges. We are able to work with a style that includes non-standard types since we have the equipment for cutting and also milling with good precision. The particular affordable manufacture of pins, badges, and badges, which usually requires a lot more ingenuity as well as precision regarding lines, can also be included in the range of our solutions.

We create lapel pins with the choice of a variety of bright colors, implementing high-quality varnish and achieving a perfectly flat surface of the color. We have access to the complicated production of badges in England of elite ferrous metallic, which appear especially solid: we offer a unique treatment with varnish, which allows you to achieve both matt and shiny surfaces. We offer the actual manufacture of badges associated with a form of gold as well as silver, platinum as well as other metals.

We all produce lapel pins in United Kingdom associated with pure precious metals and covered with enamels of various colors. Badges are the most popular type of products among gift souvenirs. We will help make any badge with your company’s logo in gold or perhaps silver at an affordable price according to your budget.

In addition, our developers will help you produce a 3D design of the product, the location where the logo is given to a pin, this is a easy option that simply fits into your financial budget. The fanatic reliably fixes the plate on the clothes. Usually, the enthusiast is made of the identical material since the icon. Therefore, if the icon is made of platinum, then its cost will be greater.

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